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Strap winding tool. Strapgear


Introducing Strapgear the ultimate tool for winding up load restraining straps with ease and efficiency. This strong and compact tool is designed for mobile use and can be easily attached to a drill for safe and secure winding. Created by a truck driver, the Strapgear is specifically designed with truckies, tradies, and farmers in mind, making it the perfect solution for anyone who regularly uses load restraining straps. Not only does it make winding up straps after use a breeze, but it also has the added bonus of easily winding up tails after the load is ratcheted down. Plus, you can trust that the Strapgear is Australian made and family-owned, ensuring high-quality and reliable performance. Say goodbye to the hassle of manually winding up straps and streamline the process with the Strapgear.

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